A graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, I have honed my skills writing for business clients. I have been published in Columbus Monthly and my client's book, Quarterback Sneak, has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show.

 I really connect with people who want to write inspirational and faith-based stories. I have collaborated as ghost writer, contributor, editor, and consultant on multiple books. 

One more thing . . . I started my blog, "Whatever You Are, Be A Good One,"  when I was between writing assignments a while back. Although I haven't added to it for a bit, there is still inspiration to be found there. If you would like to sample it for yourself, click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Deanna

I help people tell all kinds of stories: Loud. Quiet. Funny. Serious. Life-Changing. Thoughtful. Biographical. Speeches. Books. Articles. Web Copy. Do you have a story you want to tell? We should chat!


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Deanna C. Stevens . Freelance Writer